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Take Advantage of Washington DC Segway Tours

The standard Washington DC Segway tours can be edited to suit the preference of the customers. If you want to have a team building outing with your office mates then a Segway tour could be a good option as well. The tour would usually last 3 hours, but it could be shortened depending on the number of clients and whether or not they want to go back to the office right away. Using an executive car service DC will make it much easier to navigate the city at your on leisurely pace.

The clients could take a look at the standard itinerary and choose which sites they would want to take out and which ones they would want to remain in the itinerary. This is a great option, as clients can customise their itineraries to suit their needs. The prices are always adjusted depending on the availability of the Segways and the date. It would be better to maximize the time of three hours in order to see as much of Washington as possible. An hour of sightseeing time is simply not enough to see a lot of places here. If you are new to the city, you might want to consider popular places of interest and include them on your itinerary.

When you are ready to experience the best Segway tour possible, then you can fill out the given form so you can get a quote. You can customise the itinerary to suit your needs and budget, and these factors will be accounted for in the quote that you receive. You can put your imagination into work and come up with a detailed Segway tour when you go there and they will do their best to make your dream come true. You can name the places you want to go to right away so they can fix a feasible itinerary for you and your friends. Of course, it is not possible if the places are far from each other. Consider choosing places that are within a reasonable distance from one another to make the most of your tour.

Some hot tourist spots you should put in your itinerary are the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial. The biggest highlight of them all has got to be the White House and it is full of the rich history of the United States. This is one place you should never skip as you would want to take as much pictures as possible when you enter the White House.